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Hi I'm Dorte

Ready to start living the life of your dreams?

I can help you:

  • Create more confidence, clarity and calm so you can navigate life with greater ease.
  • Step into your authentic power so you can follow your dreams fearlessly.
  • Unlock your creativity for more joyful and inspired living.

A fabulous intuitive coach... I highly recommend Dorte - she radiates love, compassion and joy

Julie, Australia

Applicable advice, refreshing, hopeful and life changing if you let it be

Tina, Pennsylvania, USA

The way she is able to connect feels medicinal... I look forward to every session

Erica, Colorado, USA

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Intuitive guidance and
Soul Coaching

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Who is Dorte

Dorte is a Body, Mind and Soul Coach, trained in various modalities including meditation, mindfulness, NLP, energy healing and more.

She is also a speaker, author, intuitive, dancer, movement and performance specialist as well as a mother.

She works worldwide with people wanting to step into their own power and create the life of their dreams.

Dorte has a genuine and natural gift that come through straight from the start and I'm very grateful to have her help me on my journey

Maggie, London, UK

I loved the heart sense mediation which resonated completely with me.Thank you so much for your coaching!

Julie, Australia

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Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

The arrival of Autumn is always a special time of year in the Northern Hemisphere and although most Nordic traditions center around the harvest celebrations, it’s also a beautiful time for reflection, preparation, and celebration. In this blog, I will touch on all...

Why sharing is key to a happy life

Why sharing is key to a happy life

Living in a world that largely centers around individualism and personal gain, it can be hard to maintain an inclusive, compassionate, and generous mindset focused on sharing - but it is very much key to life full of good health and happiness. So when was the last...

I've spent two decades working on being present and mindful and it only took Dorte three magical words to make it hit home for me. Thank you!

Tina, Pennsylvania, USA

I loved the heart sense mediation which resonated completely with me.Thank you so much for your coaching!

Julie, Australia

Nordic Living Traditions - the key to happiness?

Year after the year the Scandinavian countries top the United Nations Happiness Report. They may have invented Hygge, a feeling of contentment and wellbeing, but it’s really the mindset behind it that is key…